Sunday, 5 June 2011

We are on our way!

Left Norwich yesterday and are spending two nights with good friends in our old haunts of Farnham in Surrey. An hour later than planned, at 11 am, we set off with the Smart car trailing behind! We made 200 yards before we had to pull into the Town House Pub car park because of a dreadful juddering sensation caused by the Smart wheels rocking and rolling! This had never happened before! We scratched our heads and undid the coupling, then put it together again (this time following the instructions!), but when we tried again the same thing happened - most disconcerting and worrying! By now the pub owners were concerned that our huge rig would block their lunchtime parking spots, so Victor rang the maker of the towing mechanism as luckily his number was printed on the A-Frame! Thank goodness he was in (somewhere in Birmingham we think) for he could reassure us that this problem was fairly common with Smart cars, and caused by sudden changes of surface or a tight exit from a garage or somewhere. It would correct itself if we had the bottle to drive on. As Victor had insisted on coupling up the car to the van ontop of the cobble stones outside our house, we thought maybe this had not helped!! So we tried again, and at 12 noon finally took off to the All, M25 and Surrey! All was well. Touch wood it will continue more smoothly from now on. So, Tuesday we cross the channel. But first to Dover in the morning. Hope it is not raining this hard in France!

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